Praxis Automation Technology

Praxis Automation Technology develops, manufactures and delivers innovative automation and navigation equipment for all types of vessels.

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Innovative ship automation and navigation

Praxis Automation Technology, founded in 1965 in The Netherlands, began with manufacturing and supplying alarm and monitoring systems for sea going vessels. During the years, our experience combined with extensive research, enabled the company to offer complete solutions in the ship automation and navigation equipment field. Today we manufacture and supply the second generation of the “Mega-Guard” Ship Automation and Navigation System.

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Praxis Automation Technology introduces Fleet Management System

The PRAXIS Fleet Management System (FMS) is an Internet-based application for the monitoring and reporting of data derived from seagoing vessels. All data will be collected from the vessels´ Alarm- and Monitoring systems in a fully automated manner and will be transferred to the database meeting highest security standards.

It offers the following functions to the shipowners:

  • The Fleet Overview page lists user selectable status information for all vessels in the fleet.
  • The Vessel View page shows user selectable parameters of individual vessels including the possibility to highlight vessel-related information of special interest –  e.g. the fuel consumption or the CO² emission rate.
  • The automated creation of reports on the Statistic View page allows to plot freely selectable parameters over a defined timespan.
  • The Position View shows the recent position of any individual vessel.

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